UjENA Swimwear is a world-renowned brand and has been featured in many leading magazines, music videos and films since 1984. Here is your chance to be part of our UjENA Fashion Team (UjENA Girl, UjENA Photographer or UjENA Crew).  Once approved, we will send you up to $100 retail value of UjENA Swimwear to get you started.  UjENA Fashion Pro members will be able to buy UjENA at wholesale prices.

Our mission is to have you help us promote UjENA and yourself through social media, offer you media exposure and allow you to purchase UjENA at wholesale prices.  You can now get our latest fashion at wholesale prices for photo shoots.  You will also have the opportunity to make additional income by selling UjENA to your friends.

To get things rolling and as a token of our appreciation, we are sending you some UjENA swim suits (at least $100 at retail value).  Your only cost is the $25.00 annual membership fee.  Get Signed Up 

Once you get approved, then what? Post on social media that you are a UjENA Girl, UjENA Photographer, UjENA Crew or UjENA Fashion Pro member. Then post regularly bringing more attention to you and Ujena. Those who do the most and get the most likes will have the opportunity to win trips and be part of UjENA photo shoots including our annual UjENA Jam held in October. (Models, photographers and crew come together at the Jam to photograph our new collections. The next UjENA Jam is coming up Oct 16-21, 2018 in Cabo Mexico.)

What are the advantages of being a UjENA FASHION PRO member?  

  1. By being part of the UjENA family this will bring you more attention.  It will help you get more jobs since we have recognized your talents.
  2. You will be sent at least $100 of UjENA fashion to get you started.  We will also send you other promotional items during the year that can be used for photo shoots (including taking selfies you can post on social media).
  3. You will be able to purchase UjENA swimwear and Fashion at wholesale prices.  You can sell Ujena to your friends and others to make additional income. 
  4. For being an approved UjENA FASHION PRO you will be able to buy size assurance so you can exchange for another size of the same garment for up to one year.  This program is not available to our regular wholesale customers. 
  5. UjENA FASHION PRO members are required to set up a profile at UjENA NETWORK.  This is where you would post your images in Ujena.  The best images will be considered to be used on our home page giving you more exposure.  Post at least one photo to get you started (your first photos do not have to be UjENA) and a short profile.  Your photos and profile will be reviewed regularly and you wlll be considered to join us on an upcoming photo shoot including our annual Ujena Jam in Cabo.
  6. There are no returns (unless you purchased size assurance), exchanges or refunds on these purchases.

All of this for just $25 per year. 

Get signed up!

We look forward having you on our team.

Catherine Cross
UjENA Head Designer and UjENA GIRL Manager

Bob Anderson
UjENA Chief Photographer (CEO and Founder)

Waitman Gobble
UjENA Webmaster and Photographer/Video

Brenda Guizar
UjENA Social Media Manager

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